Looking through 3D Modeling Services: Animation and Filmmaking

Do you want to get high-quality 3d models for your movie, video or cartoon? Today we’ll help you in finding the best 3d modeling services and reveal some details about the working process.

Looking through 3D Modeling Services: Animation and Filmmaking

All promo videos, films and cartoons now are created with the use of VFX and other visualization technologies. 3d modeling services give the creators a lot of opportunities to create a bright and interesting project in a short period of time as a lot of processes are automatized. We’ve looked through some portfolios and want to show you the details of films and cartoons production.

What is VFX, 3d modeling and why are they used for cartoons and films?

VFX is a special technology helping to unite the 3d objects with other pictures. As a result, there’s a bright image attracting lots of viewers.

3d modeling is a process of volumetric objects creation. It’s provided by different studios who provide 3d modeling services.

There are a few reasons to use 3d modeling methods

  • It’s easier to create a hero and adjust his or her movements in a program than drawing every single shot;
  • 3d modeling can be united with other technologies making the picture bright and catching;
  • People can’t show and act everything a 3d model can.

How 3d visualization artists create3d objects?

This information won’t be given in 3d modeling artist portfolio, but we’ll reveal it just for you. There are 6 main steps from an idea to a ready-made result.

  1. Modeling. An artist creates a prototype for future works.
  2. Texturizing. The textures are applied to the ready-made objects.
  3. Rigging. Here one should make a hero alive, add some bones and joints which will move in the future.
  4. Animation. On this step, the heroes of a cartoon or movie start moving.
  5. Rendering. The hero is recorded. This process is also known as “visualization”.
  6. Compositing. Your main hero is implemented in the environment.

Where to search for real professionals providing 3d modeling services?

The internet is full of offers, just type the necessary words. But, however, all 3d modeling artist portfolios look attractive, you should always find out what you’ll really get.

That’s why, first of all, we recommend looking at some outsourced companies like 3dreach and not freelancers. Why?

Top 3 reasons why 3d art outsourcing is better than freelance

  1. Companies are better in following the deadlines;
  2. In one company there are about ten specialists with different experience, they’ll probably give you what you need;
  3. It’s easier for you when all the processes are regulated from the inside and there’s no need in hiring a manager.

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