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The cloud segment of the IT industry is constantly growing. They are used both in business and in private life, and are already familiar to almost every Internet user. But in our review we will talk about what makes cloud solutions for business attractive, why they should be used and which eight trend areas should be paid attention to in the first place. According to a study by IDG, in 2017 organizations spend up to 28% of their budgets on IT support for cloud computing. In 70% of organizations at least one business application is located in the “cloud”. Experts are sure: this is only the beginning.

What is in the cloud to you? Why do cloud solutions conquer the business world? What are cloud technologies? From an application point of view, it is about the ability to store and process information in a virtual environment, which is created using hardware, software and communication channels on the provider side. Data stored in the “cloud”, you can use anywhere in the world and using any gadget.The best in cloud solutions are there as well now.

 The only condition – access to the Internet

“Clouds” are easy to configure: in just a few minutes you can scale disk space, computing power or software functionality. Let’s see how companies and for what it may come in handy. Scope of application According to a study conducted analysts commissioned by Microsoft, in 75% of cases cloud services are used for web hosting, 55% of respondents need them to improve IT infrastructure performance, 54% place email in the clouds, 45% filter with using cloud services web content. First, all these advantages were evaluated by large international companies that have sufficient budgets for experimenting with new technologies.

For example, in 2012, the concern Heineken coordinated its advertising campaign using the cloud platform MS Azure. Henkel, using the same Azure, managed in less than six months to transfer 40,000 of its employees to a new version of Microsoft Office. Pretty quickly, the small and medium businesses reached for the giants. In 2015, cloud technologies were used by 40% of small companies, and by 2020 the figure is up to 78%.

The reasons for the demand for products There are a number of reasons why “clouds” are in demand, and this list may still expand:

  • The introduction of cloud technologies reduces corporate costs per unit of products and services used: if you work in a program online, you do not need to purchase it on a physical medium or pay for downloading software with full functionality. In addition, the use of “clouds” allows you to quickly bring new products to the market and outpace competitors.
  • This effect is achieved by reducing the time to install the software and to train employees to work with it. Quick registration of access to the “cloud” just sends an online request to the provider and makes a prepayment.

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