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A client manager is a position characteristic of enterprises in various industries and business areas. This can be trade (where his main task will be to find clients and work with them), advertising (where an individual approach to each client is particularly required), etc. However you should know first what crm system stands for. It is actually the short form of customer relationship management.

It is not so important, as this position will be called “customer service manager”, or “service manager”, the main goal is to make the client sure that his problems and needs are understandable and solvable. The benefit of the company from the feeling of customer confidence in personal attention and partnership is obvious he will seek cooperation, thereby increasing the well-being his own and the company.

The client manager does not only offer options for the forms of cooperation, but also accompanies teamwork, participates in the discussion of the results, and assesses the prospects for further cooperation. The key to successful work of a client relations manager is an individual approach to each customer and a focus on long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and respect.

Most Important Role

An important role in the work in this position is played by the manager’s observance of an ethical code of conduct – in the “race” for the client one should not forget about the rules of good form. At the same time, it is necessary to convince the client of the prospects of cooperation, while not violating the basic principles of business ethics: correctness, unobtrusiveness and patience.In finding such a “golden” middle, the human factor and personal characteristics of a manager are of particular importance. He should be sociable, strive to improve their professional level.The following job description is aimed at managers to work with clients in the field of product sales and trade.

General provisions

  1. The client manager is classified as a manager.
  2. The position of the account manager is assigned to a person who has
  • Professional (economic) education
  • Additional training in management, work experience in the field of entrepreneurship not less

The client manager should know:

  • Legislation governing business issues.
  • Market economy, entrepreneurship and business fundamentals.
  • Fundamentals of marketing (marketing concept, fundamentals of marketing management, ways and directions of market research).
  • Management theory, macro-and microeconomics, business administration.
  • The range, classification, characteristics and purpose of the proposed goods (products).
  • The procedure for developing business plans and commercial terms of agreements, contracts.
  • Rules for establishing business contacts.
  • Official etiquette rules when negotiating with clients.
  • Theory of interpersonal communication.
  • Fundamentals of sociology and psychology.

There are methods of information processing using modern technical means of communication and communication, computer. Appointment to the position of a client relations manager and dismissal is made by order of the head of the enterprise upon presentation.

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